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The NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC) is to designed to train and qualify NAUI Instructor member applicants. During the course candidate instructors
learn effective methods to teach skin and scuba diving in compliance with NAUI Course Standards.

# 11016 NAUI Scuba Diver Instructor Guide                             $185.95 + shiping
# 12900 NAUI leadership and instruction textbook                  $121.95
# 12910 NAUI leadership and instruction workbook                $  19.95
# 92902 Standards and Policies Manual                                     $  78.99
# 13000 NAUI leadership and instruction Instructor Guide    $397.95
# 94402 Instructor Certificate Packet                                        $  19.95
# 1011 New Member Instructor (reg & dues) Pay to NAUI       $235.00

           Tuition Fee                                                                 $2800.00   

Copy of 60 Logged & All level certificates.
Advanced Scuba Rescue Certificate (current).
First & C.P.R./AED Certificate (current).
DAN Oxygen Provider Certificate (current).

75 hrs - Lecture

15 hrs - Pool

3 + - Dive Ocean

Course tuition fee not refundable and dose not include pool and boat fee.

Note: Pre-register for this class and pay tuition in advanced. 

         Two students needed to run.

  Students must own equipment.  Prices do not include pool and boat fees.

  Prices may change without notice.