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This course is a continuing education certification course for certified divers. It is enjoyable program, helps you increase your confidence and build you scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. This course builds on what you have leaned and develops new capability by introducing you to new activities and new way to have fun scuba diving.
6 hrs - Lecture
2 time - Pool
6 dive - Ocean ( 3 Beach & 3 Boat )

The require dive topic areas:
Navigation, Night or low visibility diving, Deep diving[80feet]. 
 #11500K   Advanced scuba diver textbook - Korean or English    $ 36.15  + shipping 

 Certification Card                                                                           $ 45.00

 Tuition Fee                                                                                    $300Advanced Scuba Diver Course.jpg Advanced Scuba Diver Course.jpg Advanced Scuba Diver Course.jpg .00

Note: Students must have own equipment. Prices do not includes Pool and Boat fees.

 Prices may change without notice.